Non Voice Customer Services

For business owners, it can be essential to know what is non-voice phone services, how they work, and why they are beneficial to their businesses. As the telecommunications landscape changes, laws and regulations require companies to change how they bill for these services. Asking the right questions and being persistent with your phone service provider can ensure that you get the answers you need.


The customer service representative reads the bill, explains it, and then places the customer’s bill onto the table. The customer punches in the phone number and punches in the amount of the Outbound Call Center services that was made. In turn, the customer service representative will review the information and issue the correct bill.


Web Chat Support

Visit support has become a successful pattern since it gives associations a viable two-way correspondence framework way. And it is used as an intelligent client care apparatus and a compelling promoting way. That changes over programs into purchasers.

E-Mail Support

Seventh P Offer Advanced Email Support Services Personalized to achieve the Demands of Industries. So Being a premium email support company, we are well-versed with meeting the demands of diverse industries.

Social Customer Care

Companies Across Industries Outsource Social Media Customer Support Services to Seventh P So Being a leading social media customer support company, we provide robust, reliable and efficient social media customer services with our outbound call center.

SeventhP Outbound call center service

It works with a blend of technology, people, and process to achieve excellence in every aspect of its service. The company is led by dedicated professionals who know that the success of their endeavors largely rests on how well they serve their clients. The entire process begins with the callers expressing their requirements, which is taken through an in-house call center representative who translates the information into a form that the company’s internal staff can understand. Base on the details provided by the caller, the call center team can provide relevant advice on the products or services being offer and contact the client for further inquiry. After this initial stage is complete, the customer is inform of the steps that need to be follow to take the require action.
From the step of providing information to the client, all the other stages take place online. This includes scheduling appointments with prospective customers, conducting phone interviews, and advising the callers on various options that may be available. The entire process requires trained professionals who manage the customer service aspect while taking care of the technicalities involved in the back office. SeventhP Outbound call center is thus known as one of the industry’s most successful online call center service providers.

Why SeventhP for your outbound call center

SeventhP for your outbound call center should be considered because it does not have a dedicated phone operator. With a dedicated phone operator, you typically only have a few options: You can get one person on the line who has direct access to the telephone system or hire a team of telemarketers or marketing professionals. By having a telecommuting team member, you eliminate costs associated with hiring additional personnel to work in your office. Suppose you have enough employees to fill in this position. In that case, you are still saving money on benefits and payroll expenses, as well as avoiding the additional costs associated with having an in-house call center.

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